Best colours to paint the bedroom and why

The bedroom is a place where you should feel most comfortable, a place where you love to be. The colour of the walls has a lot to do with that. First and foremost, you should think about what mood you want to set in your bedroom. Do you want a peaceful retreat or a place that inspires you to be creative? Do you want a colourful bedroom that let’s your passion thrive or one that allows you to fall asleep easily?

You also have to ask yourself, what furniture you currently have in there and whether you are willing to purchase another if the colour doesn’t match. If the room is empty and you are just moving in, then you can relax because you will choose the furniture based on the colour.

Light shades

Considering that most people want to feel at peace in the bedroom, they go with soothing colours and neutral shades. There is an advantage to this: it leaves room for colour spots on bed linens, lamps, pillows etc.

Still, if neutral colours are not your thing, you could choose more powerful shades of green and blue. Both these colours are calm and cool, green offering some warmth too. The trick is to choose complementary colours for the furniture and accessories.

Bold colours

Red is not the best choice for the bedroom because it stimulates the eyesight and it can feel overwhelming. If you must go with red, choose a muted tint and don’t do all the walls. It’s best to put it on a wall with large windows or behind the headboard to dissipate its intensity.

Soft shades of yellow are relaxing and warm but if the shade is intense, you should follow the tips for red. Even though yellow is not just as stimulating, it can be tiresome. Besides, it’s not easy to find furniture that matches red or yellow, which is why you should direct your attention to painted pieces as opposed to bare wood.

If you are the cool type who wants perfect lines and order, black could be a fine choice for your bedroom walls as long as you balance it with white furniture and bright colours on linens and pillows. Black is a risky choice if you don’t absolutely love this colour because you might end up feeling gloomy and depressed.

Black is a horrible option if you already struggle with depression or anxiety because it can intensify these feelings. In this case, neutral shades are perfect especially for those who deal with anxiety. Light shades have a positive effect on your mood and literally make the anxiety dissipate. Red and other intense colours should be avoided too because the intensity amplifies the anxiety.