How to build a playroom inside the house

Your kid is old enough to play with toys and you want to decorate a playroom especially for him. That’s great, but before you award yourself the world’s best parent award, let’s see how exactly you are going to implement your plan if you even have one. Here are the steps you have to follow to create a playroom in your house.

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Where will the playroom be?

Do you have an extra room you can modify completely or do you have to confine the play to a part of the living room or the child’s bedroom? This will influence your decisions later on, so it’s important to know from the beginning what space you have available for this little project.

What areas should the playroom have?

After that, it’s time to divide the playroom into sections. You should consider as many types of play as possible to make sure there are appropriate surfaces for all activities.

For example, you might want an area dedicated to drawing and craft making, so you’ll need a desk or at least a table and a chair suitable for the height of your child. You could have a gallery wall where you can put the best works of your kid on display.

Make sure the desk has dedicated storage places for art supplies. In this case, little containers will help you a lot to organise coloured pencils, markers, crayons and paper. You could even add a chalkboard or a whiteboard. Children love drawing in chalk, wipe it clean and then start all over again.

You could have a zone just for music if you want to teach your child how to play an instrument. Don’t forget to leave plenty of floor space because kids love to simply stay on the floor and play with pets or toy cars, boys and girls alike.

Another idea is to purchase a fort to install in a room corner so that your kid can go there anytime he wants. It’s going to be some sort of a safe fun place where the child feels good. It’s his one private place where no adult should enter.

Choose a theme based on what your child likes. Maybe he wants a castle or an Indian tent. Just make sure the fort is for indoor use and fits the space you have available. You could purchase one for outdoor use but these are usually bigger and more expensive. Besides, it’s tiresome to keep moving the fort from the yard to the playroom.

Purchase everything you need

After you made a mental plan of how you are going to divide the playroom, it’s time to think about what items you need. Take each area and make a list. Write things down because you want to be thorough and you don’t want to miss anything. Next, it’s time to see how much all of that costs. You could look through various online websites that specialise in toys and/or kids furniture. It’s ideal to buy everything from the same place because it makes things a lot easier.