Common Gardening Mistakes

Whenever someone takes up gardening as a hobby, it is inevitable that they will make a few errors here and there. However, some people keep wondering what they are doing wrong and why their plants don’t seem to grow properly. Well, here are some of the most common gardening mistakes rookies make.


We seldom check the needs of individual plants. We take it as a given that a plant needs to be watered daily and, more often than not, just dump an arbitrary amount of water on the plant. As a result, some plants drown, while others wither away from thirst. Cacti and other tropic plants, for example, require very little water, as they have developed mechanisms to properly store small quantities of it and use them sparingly. Research your plant before giving it a shower it doesn’t need.


Did you think plants only needed water to grow? Think again. Many novices believe that they only need to water their flowers every so often and they will blossom with no problems. What they often neglect to account for is the food. Plants need fertilizer. You can buy it or make your own. Organics that fall apart make for good compost. Manure is a great source of nutrients for the plants and the most natural fertilizer there is.


Another common error is to not give your plants enough space. This happens in the garden, as well as with the flower pots. Some people believe that a flower shouldn’t take too much room, so they are likely to put several in a small pot, which is a pretty bad idea.

While it may seem like there’s plenty of room between the plants, you must take into account the amount of nutrients each piece of soil has to offer. Even if there is enough space between the plants, there is still the issue of them all getting properly fed.


This section ties in perfectly to the previous one. Weeds can often kill the very plants you are trying to grow. Some do it by wrapping themselves around your plants and stunting their growth, while others surround their roots and give no quarter to the precious nutrients in the ground. In order to treat the weeds properly, you must cut them down or use a weed killer.


Lice, beetles, mites, wasps, hares, moles, and many other creatures are out to get your plants. It would be a grave mistake to completely ignore them. Much like weeds, they will not only make the garden look bad, they will literally kill either the entire plant or the produce. There are several ways to deal with pests, but people tend to overuse chemicals. Speaking of which…


Weed killers and pesticides are very useful in keeping the unwanted organisms at bay. They are also very dangerous and toxic because if they weren’t, there wouldn’t be much use for them, would there? So, you need to treat your garden very carefully with chemicals. Follow the directions strictly and wear protective gear. You could not only damage your garden but hurt yourself as well if you are not being precautious.

If possible, try to find alternative methods of getting rid of pests and weeds. Garden sheers can take care of the weeds, and most insects hate smoke. Remember, the fewer dangerous chemicals you use, the healthier your garden will be.