Most Famous Casino Buildings in the World

What would it be like to not only go to a casino, but to one that is massive in size and character? There are many casinos that are like this- but people don’t hear much about them. Before we delve into the different kinds of famous casinos scattered about, have you heard about the best VR casinos? Now you can get experiences of the greatest, eye-popping, good quality graphics while you gamble.

Grand Lisboa in Macau, China

It is not only a casino, but a grand hotel with a whopping 58 floors to settle in and then get your game on. At first, it opened in 2007 with just the casino and the restaurants, but later on they added the hotel after a year. Sociedade de Turismo e Diversoes de Macau sure knew what they were doing when they opened its doors to the public. With 800 tables to fill up, there is hardly any shortage with the people who go there to have fun. If those don’t suit you, choose from 1,000 slots that you can play. It’s very popular among poker and craps lovers so if you ever find yourself in China, stop by here. Also, is it just me, or does the outside of the grand building look like a pineapple? A very colourful pineapple?

Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Caesars Entertainment Inc. are the official owners of the casino who is mostly known as “The Rio” if you want to shorten up that name. If you read the name literally, you will find they are not joking either. Every room they offer are suites, you can find yourself in one of over 2,000 other rooms. You can find relatively smaller rooms and then you can find enormous ones too. The word “Rio” in the name is after the city called Rio in Brazil. This specific building has that culture written all over it. If you love heights and vividly bright colours in your everyday life, snatching some time here would suit you well. You are also rewarded with very large windows instead of a whole wall. I, myself wonder how extraordinary that would be.

Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, USA

This building looks like a very expensive mansion. In a way, it is. Only it is a place to go to for gambling and the such. It looks like every floor is the same, but stacked one on top of the other and it just keeps going. You will find it in the midst of very pleasant looking trees and shrubs which just make the white of the building pop out even more to catch the eyes of by-passers. It may not have as many gaming tables as the others, but it has enough for sure. You can get your fair share of favourites such as blackjack, poker and even roulette. I’ve heard that roulette is one of everyone’s favourites. Now where they may not have as many tables, they sure do have a lot of slot machines- counting as many as over 6,000. Also, don’t worry if you have any children, there is an area here where they can go and have fun too. Arcade games fill up two stories just for them.