How Gardening Can Help You Relieve Stress

Today, everything is rather fast and going even faster, especially in larger cities where commuting, work and lunch breaks, not to mention nights out, all take place in a single day. People turn to video games, spending time with friends or even just sitting at home, binge watching TV shows or movies.

Some people grow plants. There have been plenty of studies on how gardening can help improve your health. Here is a couple of reasons why.

Growth and Life are Beautiful

Plants, they grow, live and die. You can take care of them, from the seed, until they produce new seeds, or even fruit if you have plans for a fruit plant. Seeing something you took care of grow and develop is an amazing thing. Plants can take less than a year to reward you with their growth and bloom.

Trees might take a longer time, but that type of growth is also more rewarding, as are most long term plans which come together. Decide whether you want a tea plant, mint, orchids, or even peaches or hazelnuts. You can plant almost anything and enjoy watching it develop.

The Act of Engagement is Rewarding

Just spending time and focusing on something can help you feel better. In the case of plants, things get a bit different, because you do not just get rewarded by being engaged, but also by the plants themselves, which grow, bloom and depending on the plant, have fruit. Just taking care of the plants is an act which makes people feel better, just like any other hobby, except that plants are living beings which makes it that much more worthwhile.

The Sun – It Is Necessary

Despite the fact that the Sun was absolutely necessary for humans to even come to be, or for that matter, any other living being on Earth, it still does its part in making us happy. Rarely do you feel a connection with a flaming ball of thermonuclear reactions, but standing in the sunlight does produce vitamin D in our bodies, which is essential to feeling content. Lack of vitamin D is one of the signs of depression. Plants need sunlight and so do humans. Gardening exposes you to sunlight, so it is a win win situation.

Physical Work and Reflection

While working on a garden, one must use tools which requires physical effort. Physical effort is really good for the body, for example, dealing with muscle knots in your back and neck. Working on a garden is usually a silent exercise, giving you enough time to reflect on your day, or life in general. Great ideas can come from silent thoughts.

Gardening is great for our bodies and mental state so find a plant which you like and enjoy.