How to Create Your Own Hedge Maze

Having an interest or enthusiasm towards something apart from our vocation is the one and only definition of having a hobby. Now, there is about an infinite number of hobbies out there, and different variations of each of them, such as knitting, origami, video gaming or even a no deposit casino gambling. However, if you are all about the waiting game, you will love this one.  

Go a little further than gardening and try decorating your yard with a garden maze. Yes this is a hobby and yes it will take you years to see the final result – but let me tell you one thing, the result will be mind-blowing (if you decide to get completely involved in hedge maze making)!  


The most important thing to have in mind when starting this project (which is more of a hobby) is finances. Building any kind of garden takes time and patience and love, but to be realistic, it takes a lot of money too. Make a list of everything you will need to even start growing a hedge maze, and see if you can really afford this.

Find the Right Spot

If you settled the budget arrangements, the location is the next in line. You won’t be able to do this on a small surface unless you are planning to do a miniature garden maze with Buxus Sempervirens.

You will need a spacey yard where you can fit even a not-so-big hedge maze. Keep in mind that the walls of your maze need to be at least two or three feet wide, and add to that a certain maze path, and you will get the clue…small gardens are definitely not suitable for this.

Draw the Maze

Mapping or drawing the maze won’t be easy, but drawing it on a piece of paper first will definitely help. You can draw the shape of your garden first and then start planning what to do next.

Using drones to get a bird view of your yard can help you measure and draw the outline more precisely, but you can also go step by step and try to recreate the drawing from your mind.

Choose the Plant

Making a garden labyrinth seems fun and satisfying, but have you thought of what kind of a plant you will need? Anything evergreen is a good choice, but to avoid having dying plants and troubles along the path, think of the climate, terrain, and soil properties of your garden before buying the plants.

Nourish Your Garden

Now comes the difficult part – you will have to water and nourish the plants regularly. Just like any other living being the plants in your hedge maze will need food and water. If the soil is lacking minerals and nutrients, you will have to add artificial ones to the ground.

Moreover, if you are living in areas where there is a lot of sun during the summer, you will have to water your plant every day to avoid them getting scorched by the summer sun.

Snip, Trim, Cut & Love

Once your plants start to grow, you can finally start snipping and trimming them in order to get the desired shape. Don’t make the walls of the garden labyrinth too thin and remember that practice makes it perfect – the more you trip the better you will get at it.