How to decorate in style

You might think that anyone can decorate a house and it’s true, but not anyone can do it with style. The bad news is that style can’t be taught. Still, one can educate himself on major guidelines that interior designers apply in their projects. We will now give you a handful of tips that even people with no taste at all can use to make a room more beautiful.

Don’t be afraid to be bold

The point is to feel good in your house and in order for that to happen, you have to personalize the rooms. It doesn’t matter if a piece of furniture looks amazing if you don’t feel connected to it.

Be bold and let your personality reflect in your decorating choices. For example, if you love books, you could purchase library style bookshelves with a sliding ladder. If you love comic books, don’t be afraid to display a few quality posters on your walls. If you’re a big-time sports fan and diligently track every change in teams, then you can decorate the whole room in sports style. The idea is that you should feel comfortable and if that mixes with good taste, you will impress any visitors because everyone appreciates a customized tasteful décor as opposed to an impersonal one.

Less furniture is more

People tend to fill up every piece of empty space in a room with furniture. This makes it look overcrowded and it gives you a feeling of suffocation. The trend is to make a room look bigger not smaller. Besides, buying a lot of furniture inevitably makes you spend less on each piece to stick within your budget limits. If you buy less furniture, you can divide the same amount of money on fewer better quality pieces.

Arrange furniture on a rug

Some people prefer no rugs at all while others feel that the room looks warmer if there’s a rug on the floor. Anyway, if you want a rug in your living room, there are a few basic rules to follow when it comes to arranging the furniture. You have 3 options: all on, all off or front on.

If the rug is large enough, you can put all the furniture on it while leaving 12-18 inches of floor surface on all the 4 sides of the rug. If you have a smaller rug, you can put it at the center of your furniture area so that no legs touch the rug. The third option is to arrange the seating pieces in a way that only the front legs are on the rug.

Create a main point of interest

There’s a funny Friends scene where someone says he doesn’t own a TV and Joey asks “then what is all of your furniture pointed at?”. This is a good example of a focal point in the living room, but it doesn’t have to be a huge flat screen TV. You could have a fireplace or an art piece, whatever suits your taste. In the bedroom, the main point of interest could be a beautifully sculpted headboard. The idea is to choose something that draws attention and anchors the eye.