The Best Gardening Apps for Enthusiasts

People find very interesting ways to relax. In order to deal with stress, people turn to sports, video games, or even bingo. Yeah, people all over the world like playing bingo if they have the option to do so. With online casinos, people can play bingo from almost any location. This is great, as there are remote places which do not have a retail store. and it can be a fun pastime activity if you are are nowhere near a city, town or even larger village.

But, for those people who are far away from civilization, or deep in a large city, gardening is a very nice way of relaxing. There have been plenty of studies connecting gardening and relaxation. Plants are often recommended in a home and work environment as they enhance work and are relaxing.

Since this is a modern world, we all have access to mobile applications which can help us with our gardening challenges. These are the best ones.


When apps are available on both Android and the iOS devices, you know that you are dealing with a good application which is looking to stay, and not just pick up followers and some cash.

Gardenate allows you to check which plants will be able to grow in your area. Location-based, it does a fine job or providing you with the information necessary to plant the right plants. It offers calendar notifications and an organizer so that you know which plant you planted when and when you should tend to it, whether by harvesting the produce, or when to look forward to it germinating.


For a simple price of a dollar per plant identified, you can take photos of not only flowers, but all plants, lichen and fungi, to have experts identify them. If they fail to identify the plant, you do not have to pay any money. This is a really good app which can help people in a pinch. They have managed to identify over ninety percent of the plants sent to them. It is also available on Android and iOS systems.

Gardening Companion

A diary for your garden? Yes, indeed, but also an encyclopedia with so much helpful topics that you might feel overwhelmed at first. That is why you can set up your own plants, make your own notifications and while watching your plants grow, learn about what can come in their way and what they need to flourish, quite literally. It is available on the Android and iOS systems.


This is a very interesting app that was developed by the British Geological Survey and offers soil types based on your location in Europe and the UK. You can add your own soil type should you wish to do so, with every bit of information you know about it. All of that is important to know which plant can make it in your environment.

These are the best apps for gardening and should be considered by anyone who is working on a garden or plans on having indoor plants.